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August 10, 2011

Urban communities playing catch up

Development trusts throughout Orkney have been working with Community Energy Scotland (CES) to establish wind turbine projects that are projected to generate £15 million of much needed revenue for these island communities. But for urban communities, the opportunities to climb on board the renewables bandwagon are much less obvious. Recognising this, CES have secured some additional new funding in an attempt to level the playing field


Communities in high density, deprived urban areas in Scotland are one step closer to developing more sustainable renewable energy sources locally. Community Energy Scotland has secured just over £400,000 from the Scottish Government to assist such communities cover feasibility and capital installation costs and address fuel poverty issues.

Such small communities do not find it easy to secure loans to install for example solar water heating in social housing or homeless hostels. Even energy efficiency audits and feasibility studies are difficult to find funding for in these areas most in need of support.

Community Energy Scotland has been assisting over 800 communities throughout Scotland in such projects through a grant system now replaced with the Community and Renewable Energy Loan Scheme. CES already have assisted urban projects but realised that many deprived areas would not now be able to take advantage of the new system. Securing over £400,000 from the Scottish Government and putting an urban Development Officer, Ruth Evans, in place will drive new energy into these communities.

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