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September 7, 2011

How to train our workers?

South of the border, significant resources appear to be going into the training and support those who are involved in delivering the community empowerment agenda on the ground. The work to recruit and support 5000 community organisers is already underway. Housing Minister, Grant Shapps has just committed over £0.5m to the National Communities Resource Centre to train and support groups of tenants. We need a resource like NCRC in Scotland –somewhere to train and support the next generation of community workers

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced new training to give communities the skills for running local tenant panels.

Mr Shapps said the new training and creation of tenant panels would put powers back into the hands of tenants and give them a greater say on the running of their local community.

He announced that a registered charity, The National Communities Resource Centre at Trafford Hall, has been awarded £535,000 to deliver training and support to empower tenants to set up groups to lead on the management of their social housing. 

The training will focus on developing skills and confidence to take positive local action to tackle problems that arise in their area.