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October 18, 2011

Gaze into the crystal ball

If we could predict with any accuracy what the future holds, imagine the mistakes we could avoid? Governments and global corporates have been investing heavily in this work for years. A whole new science has emerged – futurology.  Recent work by Scottish Parliament’s Future Forum has tried to envisage what life in our communities might be like in 2030 based on three scenarios – opportunities missed, opportunities taken and opportunities uninvited. Interesting to get a glimpse of may lie ahead


Scotland’s Futures Forum is pleased to publish its most recent project, a scenario project looking at what sustainable communities might look like, in Scotland, in 2030. In this section of the website you will find our main report which describes 3 scenarios for the future (i) opportunities missed (ii) opportunities taken and, (iii) opportunities uninvited. Each scenario is accompanied by a short film as well as a podcast to describe what life might be like in 2030 Scotland. You will also find all the assumptions and research which the scenarios were based upon.

This is an exciting project and the scenarios are very accessible. They throw up interesting and pressing questions for politicians, policy makers and for wider Scotland. Of course, these scenarios are not predictions. Rather, they should be used as a tool to question and assess our understanding of sustainability, of community and how we are preparing for the future.


For the full report or to see a short video of the different scenarios click here