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March 7, 2012

Third sector comes under one roof

It’s always seemed odd that Scottish Government placed responsibility for the community sector in a different Directorate from the rest of the third sector.  The Alliance has consistently argued that the third sector has three distinct segments – large charities and voluntary orgs, social enterprises and the community sector. Lots of overlap between them but nonetheless each with distinct support needs.  Good news. It’s all change at Victoria Quay with responsibility for all three segments finally coming together in one place.



David Cowan


Dear All

I am writing to let you know of some changes in the Housing, Regeneration and the Commonwealth Games Directorate of the Scottish Government. Responsibilities for regeneration and the Commonwealth Games are to be separated out and Diane McLafferty will be heading up a dedicated Commonwealth Games Division. 

A new Regeneration Unit will form part of the current Housing Options and Support Division (the Division will obviously be re-named to reflect the change). The Regeneration Investment and Strategy teams will join the Wider Role team to take forward the implementation of the Regeneration Strategy. 

The Community Engagement team, led by Alasdair Mckinlay, has moved to Local Government and Third Sector Directorate, taking forward the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill and the Achieving Change programme, benefiting from closer engagement in policy designed to deliver on public service reform and the Christie Commission. The team will be formally part of Equality and Communities Division. 

I will head up the new Regeneration Unit, working with Paula Chadderton, Jane Macpherson and colleagues. 

Our contact details are:

David Cowan  – Head of Regeneration Unit – 0131 244 5573 –

Paula Chadderton – Regeneration Investment – 0131 244 0490 –

Jane Macpherson – Regeneration Strategy – 0131 244 0250 –

Alasdair Mckinlay – Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill – 0131 244 0366 –

I hope that you will be reassured that the changes for regeneration are designed to focus resources and capture synergies between areas of policy going forward.


David Cowan 

Head of Regeneration Unit

The Scottish Government 

(0131) 244 5573