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May 16, 2012

Generosity is the new currency

The idea of ‘pop-up’ shops as a temporary solution to the blight of boarded up shop units on our high streets is fast taking off.  Something about the built-in ephemeral nature of these enterprises seems to attract a more creative and unconventional type of entrepreneur. One inspiring ‘pop –upper’ chose to dispense with the traditional business model of ‘goods exchanged for money’.  How does chocolate for good deeds sound? They were queuing out the door.



Emma Hutchings, PSFK March 26th 2012

To watch short video of the Generous Store click here.

Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg opened a pop-up chocolate shop for one day only, where people had to pay with the promise of a good deed instead of cash or a credit card.

To inspire people to see the positive effects of being generous, “The Generous Store” in Copenhagen ‘priced’ its boxes of chocolates with over 30 different good deeds including ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’ and ‘Help clean your friend’s house.’ Customers made generous promises towards a friend or loved one on Facebook using the in-store iPads to ensure they followed through with their payment.

Agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded came up with the project, which had people queuing up for one and a half hours in order to make their promises and “purchase” their chocolates. Check out the pop-up store in the video.