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May 22, 2013

Unsung heroes of the meadow

The saga of North Kelvin Meadow –a patch of derelict council land that local people have adopted and cultivated into a much loved community space – is showing no sign of being resolved. The Council won’t budge from their plan to build luxury flats and while the extension of the community right to buy might come too late for this part of Glasgow’s West End, hope springs eternal – and you could help them by casting a vote in the Observer Ethical Awards, Unsung Heroes category.



Saviours of Glasgow’s last wild place – Douglas Peacock and Emily Cutts, Glasgow

Is North Kelvin Meadow and Childrens’ Wood the last wild green space in the West End of Glasgow? Douglas and Emily have fought tooth and nail to save this formerly neglected space for the local community. Working on the assumption that in order to protect a space the community has to value it, they have organised many events that have attracted hundreds of families. Those who benefit from it tell us ‘the land is now rich with wildlife, free from litter and an antidote to manicured spaces around the city’. It is an important wild space for children to explore safely and learn about nature and has its very own forest school. Glasgow City Council has suggested it will sell the land. Residents are highly critical of the planning process. ‘A deprived area of Glasgow would lose a beautiful and natural place for future generations and one that Emily and Douglas have worked tirelessly to protect,’ says our source. 

• A short film about North Kelvin Meadow

• The website: The Childrens Wood

Vote now – voting closes 24 May