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September 11, 2013

Combining know-how with investment

One of the reasons we formed Scottish Community Alliance was to test out whether it would be possible to bring together the collective know-how of so many networks in ways that communities could access more readily.  That’s one of the reasons we’re working with the newly established Resilient Scotland who have significant funds to invest in community led regeneration. We want to add real value to these investments by offering access to as much of that collective know-how as possible. Resilient Scotland launched in Dundee and Edinburgh last week.


Resilient Scotland’s main investment programme – Making Enterprise Happen

Making Enterprise Happen will initially offer flexible grant and loan investment packages of up to £500K for sustainable community regeneration. At least half of each investment will be a repayable loan with a negotiable repayment period. We want to help organisations make the most of market opportunities, using their local know how to solve local issues in a sustainable way.

We recognise that our client group may be those that are furthest from the market so we want to create a space to develop innovative finance models that will suit their needs, offering finance and support where others have failed to show faith, or where restrictive practice has been a barrier.

We will nurture resilience by investing in and building the capacity of enterprising community organisations in some of Scotland’s poorest and most disadvantaged communities to develop sustainable enterprises, services and facilities. We will seek out investment opportunities from communities that will make a key difference to peoples lives, help them to reduce their reliance on grant income and help them to become more enterprising and sustainable.

We want to enable enterprising organisations to achieve Resilient’s outcomes, contributing to more sustainable communities across our eligible areas


Community organisations improve their social, economic and environmental future and become more sustainable

Communities are more resilient and empowered to promote their own regeneration

There is increased awareness and understanding of effective approaches to sustainable community regeneration


To learn more about Resilient Scotland click here