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October 22, 2014

Sunny Days

The way our sector is portrayed in the mainstream media has long been a source of frustration. With coverage that swings between the headline (generally negative) grabbing and mawkish sentimentality, it rarely touches on the day to day realities of community life. It explains in part why so much of the community sector’s activities take place beneath the radar of the general public’s awareness. So when BBC 2 launched a new sitcom last Sunday evening about life in a community centre in the North of Glasgow, expectations were set at low. Surprise, surprise – it was quite good.




Welcome to the Sunshine Centre Community Halls, otherwise known as the Sunny. A big part of life in a small area of north Glasgow, the Sunny is a cultural and social hub, a venue to some, a second home to others. The Sunny is a warm sitcom celebration of life, friendship, patter and early evening yoga classes.

To view a clip of the first episode, click here