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January 25, 2017

Common ground on climate action

As Trump begins to rip up US commitments on climate action, what can the rest of the world do but redouble its efforts and hope for a change of heart down the line. In parallel with Scottish Government’s recently launched high-level climate change plan, a plethora of community led initiatives on climate action have developed in recent years – hyper-local responses to a global crisis. Later this Spring, researchers and students from Edinburgh University are offering a series of local workshops for ‘climate activists’ to identify where common ground exists in the hope of forging new collaborations. 


Jeremy Kidwell

Calling all local low carbon, sustainability, and environmentally-focussed groups from Westray to Melrose! There are literally hundreds of you across Scotland doing fantastic things to create resilient community, lower carbon footprints, and increase sustainable options locally. But far too often our groups work independently even though we may exist in close proximity to other groups. In an effort to forge new local collaborations across a whole range of groups – whether transition towns, zero waste, permaculture, eco-congregations, development trusts, or community gardens – a group of scholars and facilitators from the University of Edinburgh will be hosting free all-inclusive “finding common ground” workshops this Spring. We’ll do all the work planning and even reach out to other groups in your area, but are first looking for invitations from local groups that have a desire to forge new collaborative partnerships with other groups in their local area. Anyone is eligible, just write via email to express your interest to Jeremy Kidwell (