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February 22, 2017

Road map needed

For any community, even the most engaged and well informed, it’s a tall order these days to keep on top of all the ‘opportunities’ that are being made available through new legislation, endless consultations and the myriad funding streams from different parts of government. There’s a strong case for someone to take responsibility for a national roadshow of events which would pull it all together, identifying the connections and big themes so that it makes sense from a community’s perspective. In the meantime, fine efforts to disseminate bits of the big picture occasionally appear. 


SCDC update on Community Empowerment Act

After three years in the making, the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act was given royal assent in summer 2015. Over the following year, regulations (additional legislation required to put the Act in place) and statutory guidance (guidance which public authorities must have regard to) was developed. Some parts of the Act are now in force and other provisions will be implemented soon.

This SCDC briefing should help you to get started on finding out how you can use the Act, whether you are a practitioner or a community member. As well as summarising the main parts of the Act, the briefing links to the best and easy to read sources of further information.

You can either download the briefing or read the information on our webpage on the Act.