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Community Resources Network Scotland

Most CRNS members are social enterprises managing waste resources at a local level. The community re-use and recycling sector diverts in excess of 45,000 tonnes from landfill each year and generates over £20 million turnover. In addition to reducing landfill and cutting carbon emissions, third sector re-use and recycling organisations contribute to a wide range of social and economic outcomes, employing 750 full-time equivalent staff, involving 3,000 volunteers and supporting 2,000 training placements.

Third sector organisations are a significant aspect of Scotland’s zero waste economy:

•Re-using: taking in household and office items and preparing them for re-use before selling them or passing them on.

•Recycling: collecting and collating materials from households and businesses to be processed and remanufactured into new products.

•Composting: collecting and processing green waste or food waste

•Waste education: working with schools, the public, and businesses to promote recycling and waste minimization and effect positive behaviour change.