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Planning Democracy

We work with community councils, individuals, community organisations and others to identify the problems that people face in planning. Our work is informed by these people’s experiences. Our network is Scotland wide, made up of community councils, individuals and organisations who are involved in planning issues in some way.

Our work is divided into three areas.

Campaigns: We carry out practical and academic research on the state of community participation in the Scottish planning system; we work with many communities throughout Scotland to try to understand where the problems lie and how we can change things; we campaign for a just and open decision making; and promote practical changes for a more equitable, inclusive and transparent planning system.

Community Network: We have a network of around 200 people and organisations.

Our campaign network is made up of people who have been involved in planning issues. Many of them tell us they have learned the hard way and discovered how difficult it is to engage and have your voice heard in planning. They help us to campaign for better rights for communities.

Action Research: this is a new area that we are currently exploring. We will be running a planning academy with the community in North Edinburgh. The aim is to build understanding and awareness about new opportunities and challenges in planning and community empowerment and how they might take advantage of them.

Planning Democracy