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Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

SAGS has 130 members, representing over 5000 allotment plot-holders, who grow enough fruit and vegetable to feed a town of 20,000.  Allotments feature allocated growing plots for individuals and community groups. There are often common areas for wider amenity use.  Allotment associations seek to promote mental and physical health, build inclusive communities and achieve environmental sustainability.

Allotments deliver a wide range of public benefits:

•Health and wellbeing: allotments are restorative spaces for mental and spiritual healing. They promote active lifestyles and produce healthy, locally grown food supporting better diets,

•Climate change: local growing reduces carbon emissions from intensive agriculture, transport and packaging

•Social: allotments are hubs for community cohesion and development,

•Environmental: managing greenspace in urban areas provides a haven for wildlife and amenity benefits for the broader community.