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Voluntary Arts Scotland

Voluntary Arts Scotland is the national development agency and representative body for amateur arts and crafts groups, including over 60 national and regional art-form umbrella bodies.  Individuals and groups across Scotland participate in voluntary arts activities – including dance, drama, literature, music, media, visual arts, crafts, applied arts, folk arts, shows and festivals – that help to promote:

•Health & Wellbeing; through increased self-confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth, as well as physiological benefits such as reduced blood pressure and increased fitness

•Lifelong Learning; informal and formal learning opportunities allow people to gain new skills and explore new ideas

•Community Empowerment; through increased social cohesion, personal and community development, improved personal and local image & identity, supporting venues that would not otherwise exist

•Heritage; including the traditional skills of Scottish culture and preservation of national and local heritage