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In 2011, a number of Scotland’s community sector networks came together to form the Scottish Community Alliance. Our purpose is to campaign collectively for a stronger and more cohesive community sector in Scotland.

SCA has two main functions – to promote the work of local people in their communities and to influence national policy in order to reflect the best interests of the sector.

A guiding principle for SCA as an organisation is that it should seek to add value to the work of the individual networks within its membership. To this end, as an organisation it has remained ‘light touch’, employing a minimum of staff, and directly investing whenever possible in activities that compliment and support the work of its membership.

Be part of the Climate Scotland campaign

Climate Scotland is a new campaign, launching in June, that will run up until COP26. It aims to engage diverse audiences across Scotland and gather their voices to show our leaders just how much we care about climate and nature. There won’t be a policy ask, but the voices will be taken to COP and displayed in a creative way. There will also be a stunt to gather momentum during Climate Fringe Week (18th – 26th September).

We hope to work with as many partners as possible to gather the messages. We will be approaching you soon to see if you would like to get involved!



Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a diverse coalition of over 50 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change. Scottish Community Alliance has joined SCCS and urges community groups throughout Scotland to likewise.


The most clicked on article from our most recent Briefing – 24th November 2021

Dandelion Unboxed

Next year between March and October,  a massive festival of creativity is being planned in locations right across the UK. Unboxed – a fusion ofscience, engineering, mathematics and the arts – is being hailed as the most ambitious creative programme ever staged in the UK. Organised around ten big ideas, Scotland’s home based project is Dandelion. Variously described as the largest ever community-led growing experiment, a Harvest Festival for the 21st century and Cubes of Perpetual Light, you’ll get the picture that something unusual is about to happen and probably in a community near you.

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Community Anchor Organisations

Those communities that are the most effective in terms of organising themselves to address whatever challenges they face, appear to have certain characteristics in common. In particular, these communities tend to organise themselves around a local organisation (sometimes more than one working in partnership) which is under the control and ownership of local people.

These organisations have come to be known as Community Anchor Organisations (CAOs). Since its formation, SCA has consistently advocated that the presence of a community  anchor organisation is a prerequisite of effective and sustained community empowerment.

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Once a fortnight, we publish LOCAL PEOPLE LEADING - a compendium of comment and coverage of relevant policy and stories of community action from across the spectrum. Currently going out to just over 4,300 subscribers - a readership which include community activists, journalists, academics, politicians (national, local and community), civil servants and local government officers. Anyone with even a passing interest in Scotland's community sector should subscribe - and it's free!

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