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April 24, 2007

Award Winning Social Enterprise Powers Employment Initiative With Smart Energy Solution

Award winning social enterprise the McSence group has devised a system for charities, the not for profit sector and multi site business users to reduce energy consumption and create worthwhile sustainable employment.


Smart Energy Solution powers employment initiative


The McSence group of companies, an award winning Scottish Social Enterprise, has devised a unique employment solution which helps charities, the not for profit sector, and indeed all multi site business users reduce energy consumption and tackle the problem of day to day utility management at an affordable cost.

In launching the Charity Utility Initiative (CUI), McSence, in conjunction with strategic partners, can offer turnkey energy solutions. These are designed to greatly reduce costs in areas that organisations have historically found difficult to control against a background of rising prices, poor invoicing and a lack of information, particularly where operations are based over multiple sites.

The CUI uses smart metering technology to offer a complete energy management service comprising accurate billing, cost saving support and energy reduction techniques which can save thousands of pounds in time and effort in addition to creating savings by reducing usage. In most cases the scheme can be self-financing as a result of the savings it will generate. (Studies by the Carbon Trust have shown it is possible to save up to 25% of your annual energy consumption by implementing this type of scheme.)

By installing smart meters linked by mobile phone technology, real time electricity gas and water consumption data can be uploaded from any location to the internet every 30 minutes. McSence, via their new contact and training centre, will employ and train Utility Efficiency Managers (UEM’s) to access this data and produce efficiency reports.

A unique training module has been devised with the aid of CUI partners that will develop skills in the analysis of utility usage data. The UEM’s will be able to demonstrate to clients how to save money, for example; via better housekeeping. The UEM’s will also validate invoices from suppliers and check contract rates, thus helping clients budget more accurately, reduce costs and contribute to the reduction of Carbon Emissions. The UEM’s would also be able to monitor the benefits of any improvement initiated or trials conducted into alternative patterns of work.

As part of the service, CUI members will also be offered a complete no obligation Direct Core Cost health check.

Training programmes have now commenced and a Road Show scheduled to introduce the service will be held at the new purpose built McSence contact centre and training facility in June.

It is hoped within 2 years to have created 30 full time sustainable jobs.

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