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November 28, 2007


The community run adventure playground in Bellsbank, East Ayrshire, has gradually built up a reputation for the quality and ambition of its youth work. In 2003, the group took over two buildings in nearby Dalmellington for conversion into a vital new resource for the young folk of Doon Valley. Latest project is a youth cinema.

The Zone

The Zone , East Ayrshire

We are a new multifunctional initiative within the Dalmellington area serving all youths within the Doon Valley. The Zone opened its doors in February 6th 2006 and has acheived recognition throughout East Ayrshire for its innovative, energetic youth, community and social enterprise. The Zone provides an important necessity within these communities which include: high standard youth work, first class child/teen care, detached street work and outreach, excellent information service, an SVQ accredited training facility which is also a Learning Direct and ECDL provider.

We work with a vast range of partners and agencies to provide educational and fun activities and also a wide information service for our young people that help them to make informed choices which gives them the tools to become good citizens. Youths are involved in all decision making.
On the youth side we have now got 356 members and still growing. Young people from all over the Doon Valley attend the project nightly.

Music of all kinds, guitar lessons and D-Jing available. New music room opening soon. Visits to Glasgow and Edinburgh Theatres to see various musicals. Groups attending a variety of concerts at all kinds of ventues. Make your own sounds with our state of the art computers.

The Zone Cinema room is being established and developments are moving fast. There will be comedy, horror, love stories, action, detective and thought provoking films. The Zone is building up a great library of films. They are even attempting to make their own about all different subjects that young people feel strongly about.

We are involved in many sporting events such as skiing, white water rafting, army away days, bowling, football, absailing, visits to various games halls, rock climbing, Go-karting, walking, snow boarding, pool tournaments and any other activities the youths wish to be involved in.

Scared Of
The Zone is scared of nothing! Bring on the challenge!!

Happiest When
The Zone is full of happy young people doing their thing.

Saddest When
It is closed.

Wish It Was
Open 24/7