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November 28, 2007

Linthouse Urban Village – LUV Farm

Part of Linthouse Housing Association, LUV has received widespread acclaim over the years for its work in transforming this area of Govan in Glasgow. LUV now has its sights set on developing the potential of the former farmhouse at Elderpark with recently secured Lottery funding.

Linthouse Housing Association

Linthouse Urban Village /Linthouse Housing Association

Linthouse grew alongside shipbuilding and heavy engineering works on the Clyde, and with the decline of these types of jobs (and other contributing factors) widespread social problems arose, and then in the 60s the area was further blighted with the Clyde Tunnel physically splitting the community in two.

The Linthouse Housing Association (LHA) is a voluntary charitable organisation which has been renting, factoring and developing the majority of housing in the area for the past 30 years. Although the LHA has concentrated on housing in the past, in recent years it has looked at improving the Community as a whole. In 2003, in an attempt to bring back a sense of community and bring economic and social change to the area the Linthouse Urban Village (LUV) Project was set up.

The LUV Project already has an office base/workshop and gallery space called the LUV Gallery on the main Govan Road in Linthouse across from its own LUV Cafe; which runs as a social enterprise and has had to be extended to cope with demand. A Creative Shop fronts project involving the local community, artists and the shopkeepers redesigning 14 shop fronts has improved the physical look of previously dilapidated shops.

There’s also a programme of community events and workshops, with a regular LUV Book Group, Youth Drop in, Art Classes for young people and adults, monthly art exhibitions and various other projects.

LUV strives to support any initiatives or services that enhance the area.
LUV Farm
The LUV Project is working with local groups to put together plans for the former Fairfield Farmhouse in Elderpark, across from the LUV Gallery and Café. The former farmhouse and yard is dilapidated and in need of renovation. We are interested in bringing various local social economy organisations together in a creative working hub where people can visit and which will help invigorate the park.
THE LUV FARM VISION – Potential Partners
1. LUV Café – affordable family focused café and soft play area
2. Child and Family Centre Nursery/after school care
3. LUV Firm – social enterprise in recycled textiles
4. Community Space, incubator space
5. Scottish School of Herbal Medicine with Education Programmes and Herb Garden
6. LUV Development Trust office
This project is expected to cost in the region of 4.5 million pounds and therefore much development work is needed to bring together funding, the lease and partners.