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May 7, 2008

From swing parks to Spanish lessons

Playbusters started out as a community project in Glasgow’s east end aiming to improve the quality of local play facilities. Although maintaining a focus on improving facilities and opportunities for children and their parents, Playbusters has grown quickly over the past five years and shown it isn’t afraid to take a risk. How about Spanish lessons for pre-5‘s, pensioners and everyone in between?


The project was originally set up to address the lack of good quality and safe play areas for children and young people in the East End of Glasgow. However, in response to local need and the desire of local parents to improve this, Playbusters has developed over the last five years since its establishment.

Playbusters is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors consisting of parents from five areas in the East End. The committee have undergone extensive training and this has resulted in publishing of a business plan.

The staff team is comprised of one Project Manager, a part time Support Officer, Sessional Staff, Easy Spanish Tutors and Volunteers.

In addition a small budget is available to buy in some other expert support as and when required. The staff and Board of Directors are highly motivated individuals with the aim of making their community the ‘best it can be’ We continually carry out consultations with the community and use this to develop our service delivery.

Intergenerational Project

This project has been going on for over a year and is being enjoyed by both young people and elderly groups involved. The children are from primary 7 at St Marks and Quarrybrae and elderly people mainly from Pensioners Action Group. So far, we have carried out audio and video workshops, had joint visits to Scotland Street Museum and Peoples Palace. We are now working with young people in Parkhead and Shettleston and the older people in a number of workshops including the use of mobile phones, playing sports together with the Nintendo Wii and we have trying out karaoke together – it has been a lot of FUN! We are currently planning visits for both groups together to the Peoples Palace .we will also be carrying out work in partnership with Parkhead Housing Association working on an environmental programme involving both age groups.
Further work between the generations is being carried out with the “Happy Feet Line Dancers” who are helping out with our club activities at whiterose community centre for 5/12 year olds. We have a strong commitment to bring the generations together through a variety of fun and educational activities.

Playbusters are involved in various projects to meet the needs of different age groups. These have been developed with parents, community groups and other agencies.

Easy Spanish Playbusters takes pride in promoting family learning. We now also provide Primary children and parents/carers sessions in addition to our Primary Spanish Clubs. As our club sessions, these classes are full of fun and adults are encouraged to actively participate in all the class activities. Including our flamenco workshops!
Activate: This is a community development programme aimed at volunteers and community activists in the East End. It offers real opportunities for further education and employment.

Pre fives: We continue to develop services for pre fives and do so through co-ordinated play sessions and support to groups. For further information follow the link at the top of this page.