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May 7, 2008

Housing Associations and Social Enterprise

Because they own property and have core income which is independent of local councils, community owned Housing Associations are exceptionally well placed to anchor the development of their communities. This new publication from the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition (SSEC) and SFHA illustrates how HA’s diversify.


There is innate strength and stability within the housing association sector which can be shared with other partners in the broader social economy.

Housing associations have a wealth of experience, knowledge and business assets to offer partners in the social enterprise sector and there is a clear role for housing associations supporting both existing and emerging new social enterprises.

• taking on a community anchor role – strengthening the social enterprise sector via partnerships for Wider Role, incubating new social enterprises
• being creative contractors – increasing their contracting with social enterprises
• being trusted intermediaries, helping develop the sector by sharing their knowledge, experience and skills.

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