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May 7, 2008

Wellhouse hubSports open for business

Five years ago, the local council-run sports facility in Wellhouse in Glasgow was fire damaged and since then has lain unused and an eyesore to the community. Wellhouse Community Trust drew up plans for a complete refurbishment and is now ready to launch a comprehensive programme of sports activities for their community


Wellhouse Community Trust (WCT) is ready to open the doors on their 3rd community facility – ‘hubSports’ a 4-court games hall will deliver over 15 different sports activities on a weekly basis and compliment the Trusts youth facility (Innerzone) and employment/training facility (the hub) that have been operational for the past 4 years.

The Trust along with Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) have a determined and driven approach to the improvement of the area and with the commitment of local people the residents are empowered through physical, social and economic regeneration.

Previously run by Glasgow City Council the hubSports (previously named Wellhouse Central) building was flooded and then partly fire damaged and then lay as an eyesore to the area for over 5 years. Only 200 yards from ‘the hub’ a new state of the art building owned by WHA and managed by WCT, hubSports was the next target for both organisations to tackle.

After local community consultation and working groups the plans were drawn up and set into motion. High on the agenda is sustainability for this building by installing geo-thermal systems for heating and a wind-turbine for electricity. hubSports is an environmentally friendly, income generation model that not only supports the improvement of health & wellbeing of residents but any surpluses go back into the other services and activities of the Trust such as drop-in youth nights and elderly social activities.

Pauline Smith, Manager of the Trust said, “All activities of the Trust rely on the ownership of each and every one being taken by the community – the staff are the support mechanisms, the community are the driving force but there is a passion and dedication from both to keep moving forward. hubSports will compliment the services and activities available within ‘the hub’ and ‘innerzone’ and provide even more opportunities for local jobs, training, diversionary activities and physical activity for all the community.

We don’t own the building yet but inline with LPL beliefs we will be tackling the Council on this issue – at the cost of approx £980k to refurbish surely the community should own the building? Wish us luck!”

Pauline Smith, Manager, Wellhouse Community Trust