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June 18, 2008

Identifying, documenting and restoring Scottish Commons

Scotland has a tradition of common property rights – grazing – fishing – fuel cutting – water – access – passage etc. These rights can be thought of as a form of shared community wealth – but they are constantly being eroded. Andy Wightman`s “Common Good Quick Guide” tells all

Andy Wightman

Community ownership is nothing new and it is not restricted to a few crofting communities in the far north west of Scotland. In your community you most probably have property that already belongs to you, the people. One important element of this is Common Good land and property, much of which was granted to the Burghs of Scotland in their original charters and gifted to the people in subsequent years.

This property represents a potential source of wealth and investment for the public good of your community. In recent years, however, a worrying trend of disappearing assets, shoddy accounting, poor record-keeping and lack of awareness has become evident.

Properly accounted for and properly managed, Scotland’s Common Good can be used to revitalise communities and return to them the autonomy and initiative after years of municipal maladministration.

Read this Quick Guide and join the campaign to identify, document and restore your common heritage.

Download guide here