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September 24, 2008

Community Empowerment Research

Scottish Government is commissioning research into existing models of community empowerment in Scotland. The research will select 12 case studies from across the country, looking to showcase the experiences of different communities, the challenges they have faced and the successes they have achieved

Scottish Government

The Regeneration Research team is seeking to commission research to explore a variety of existing models of community empowerment practice across Scotland. The aim of the research is to explore in detail examples of how community empowerment practice have been planned, implemented and evaluated across Scotland.

Twelve examples of practice have been identified by the Scottish Government and COSLA as fitting the broad description of community empowerment (‘a process where people work together to make change happen in their community by having more power and influence over what matters to them’).

The research will allow 12 selected case studies to fully describe their experiences and tell their ‘story’ of how their community empowerment activity worked, the challenges faced and their successes. It is not intended as an evaluation of the case studies or their activities. The research will be used to help develop and support future initiatives.

The successful contractor will be expected to carry out primary and secondary research with a range of community groups and other stakeholders.

We expect this research to fall between £25,000 and £35,000 (excluding VAT). Expressions of interest are now sought for this project. The form will be assessed and contractors short-listed on the basis of relevant skills, experience and demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

* Designing, managing and analysing innovative qualitative research with a range of respondent groups, particularly community groups and representatives;
* Synthesising secondary research; and
* Producing succinct, accessible and visually attractive research outputs for a range of audiences.

If you wish your organisation to be considered for this project, please complete an Expression of Interest form (the link to the form is located at the bottom of this page) and return it to the research support mailbox by 12 noon on Thursday 2nd October 2008. Further information on completing an Expression of Interest form can be found at

Submission of an Expression of Interest should not be taken as a guarantee for inclusion on the short list since the number of Expressions of Interest may exceed the number of contactors invited to tender for this work. All contractors who submit an EoI form will be notified of the result of the exercise.

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