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January 14, 2009

Govan set to hear ‘the art of noise’

The ‘January Reshuffle’ has become an annual event held at the popular Pearce Institute in Govan. The January Reshuffle programme offers a wide range of activities, talks and workshops which mixes family fun with learning and aims to show how much more there is to community life. This year’s theme of ‘the art of noise’ will demonstrate how to stand-up, shout-up and shout out for your community

“We hope to encourage through a mixture of enjoyment and learning that there is a life beyond television in our community. We only have to “reshuffle” our priorities.”

The Reshuffle, which has been running each January for the last three years is a day event which fills the community centre with activities, talks and workshops in a variety of community themes – The reshuffle is completely run by volunteers and good-will and is in receipt of no funding. A major emphasis is on attracting families and all ages.
What we offer is an opportunity for folk to try out a few ideas and experiences that are different from the telly. The last Reshuffle dealt with Common Good issues and green space, as well as lots of things for kids to do – from science activities like experimenting with different materials, soldering and building small electronic circuits. The Galgael boat builders were at hand to demonstrate and let people try out different crafts and the Cardboard Club where weans can work together and build there own spaces. As well as these activities there will be a series of.
talks and films along with The Radical Independent Bookfair Project

This year its “The Art of Noise”
How to stand-up Shout-up and shout out for your community. As well as workshops on community journalism, making a news-sheet – Sunny Govan Radio will be there – cover the proceedings – you will also be treated to the Electron clubs (subtle) Noise Orchestra – electronic noise making; a voice workshop to encourage your confidence, and help you to express yourself, a community consultation wall, where you will be able to post your ideas drawings and photographs, a media workshop that will record and film the days events and what folk are saying and doing. The GalGael will be there to remind you of the beauty of hand skills and heritage – the cardboard club will be industrious and dynamic building play houses for the kids, there will be films from document 6, AnarchoTV will be streaming live internet TV, the RIB bookfair + videotheque free things, book swap and books to understand the world and much more… Join in Contact:

The JANUARY RESHUFFLE at the PEARCE INSTITUTE Govan on January, 31st 2009 12 – 6pm