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January 28, 2009

Community Voices Network (CVN) Disbanded

LPL has always argued that the CVN was too close to government – without the capacity to dissent – we argued for its replacement to have more teeth. But now we hear that there will be no replacement, it’s surely time for the Community Sector to find its own voice – independent of government.

Letter from Wendy-Louise Smith
Community Engagement (Regeneration)
Housing and Regeneration Directorate, Scottish Government

Community Voices Network

In April 2008, Scottish Ministers agreed to fund successor arrangements to the Community Voices Network (CVN), to support learning and networking in regeneration, for community activists and volunteers. We recently went through a procurement exercise to appoint a contractor to deliver a successor Network on our behalf. Unfortunately, we were unable to award the contract on the basis that no bids were of a high enough quality to meet the needs of members. Based on this outcome, we have taken the decision to disband the CVN.

Scottish Ministers remain committed to supporting community activists and volunteers involved in regeneration, at a national level and so we have looked again at how we could meet this commitment, taking a different approach. Whilst the CVN will no longer exist, we will continue to develop opportunities for community activists and volunteers. Over the coming months, we will be exploring a range of ways to build capacity and support learning and networking around regeneration. This will involve looking at how a number of existing resources currently supported by the Scottish Government can play their part. We will also look to strengthen and develop resources through other organisations that are part-funded by the Scottish Government, as well as with other stakeholders.

We would welcome your input to the process, to help develop new and innovative approaches and identify opportunities. Please contact me to discuss any ideas or suggestions that you may have, on how we could work together to support learning, networking and capacity building for community activists and volunteers involved in regeneration.