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February 11, 2009

Housing co-op gets top marks

20 years ago, West Whitlawburn was a council estate showing all the classic symptoms of decline. In 1989, the tenants decided to change all that by taking over ownership and control of their housing stock. Life in this community since then has been transformed by their efforts. The scale of their achievements was confirmed recently by the results of a tenants’ survey which the Housing Co-op’s chairperson described as ‘staggering’

West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative is delighted to report that its tenants view services delivered by The Co-operative as “virtually perfect”. When asked about the Co-operative’s as a landlord and its services none of the tenant’s surveyed expressed dissatisfaction.

Following a wide ranging survey of its tenants the results and findings have been warmly welcomed by The Co-operative’s Management Committee and staff.

When asked about key aspects of service delivery satisfaction levels were all over

The results also show increasing satisfaction over the past 4 years

Advice and Assistance
Percentage of tenants who are satisfied with the quality of advice and assistance that they receive from the Co-operative.
2004: 91%
2006: 96%
2008: 97%

Concierge Service and Security System
Percentage of tenants who are satisfied with concierge services.
2004: 80%
2006: 92%
2008: 98%

Repairs Service
Percentage of tenants who are satisfied with the repairs service.
2004: 80%
2006: 90%
2008: 93%

Value for Money
5.5% of tenants do not believe that their rent represents good value for money.
2004: 76%
2006: 86%
2008: 94%

The Neighbourhood
Percentage of tenants who believe that West Whitlawburn is a good area to live in.
2004: 86%
2006: N/A
2008: 91%

The Co-operative’s Chairperson, Anne Anderson said

“The results are really quite staggering. The transformation in the area since The Co-operative took charge is really astonishing. The successes are there for all to see. I was living here in the early nineties, things were grim then, and then The Co-operative started to improve things. The difference is unbelievable.

Paul Farrell, The Co-operative’s Director said, “We warmly welcome such a tremendous endorsement of our work from the people who matter most, our tenants. The hard work of our Committee and staff is being well rewarded. It is genuinely a delight to be a part of such a great success story. Our people deserve great credit. The challenge now is to sustain such results and become more innovative in the manner in which we work, we are confident of further success”.

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