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May 6, 2009

Why some communities cope better

Why do some communities seem to fare better than others when the pressure is on?   One factor that seems to be crucial is the presence of social capital.  The concept of social capital is now widely recognised and active interest is being shown at government level around the world.  Recently the Irish Government described social capital as one of the four pillars of its strategy for economic recovery. Next month a conference is being held to examine this link between social capital and community resilience

Assist Social Capital is holding an international conference

in :  New Lanark
on :   4th June 2009
conference title : Social Capital & Community Resilience
for more information : Assist Social Capital

Irish Government puts the development of social capital at heart of economic recovery plan

Martin Cullen TD, Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism commenting on the supplementary Budget for 2009 said: “Today Ireland finds itself in the most challenging economic conditions. Our task now is to protect jobs, restore economic activity, while we bring stability to the public finances, maximise short-term economic activity and improve our country’s competitiveness. It is important that even as we manage immediate difficulties, as we have done very successfully in the past, that we are also positioned well when the financial upturn inevitably arrives.”

The Minister added: “The Arts, Sport and Tourism sectors are important drivers within the economy – both as contributors to economic growth and to employment levels. One fifth of the working force in our country earn their living from tourism/hospitality, arts and sports. Between them they generate almost six and half billion euro in foreign currency earnings per year.”

Minister Cullen said: “The ‘Framework for Sustainable Economic Renewal’ recently published by An Taoiseach sets out how Ireland can become the innovation and commercialisation hub of Europe. The Framework highlights how the Smart Economy rests on four pillars – developing human capital, building physical capital, securing social capital and protecting our environment. I believe that the arts, sport and tourism sectors are critical to achieving the Smart Economy. Tourism can sustainably exploit our environment while adding to our human capital. Arts and culture provide intellectual capital for the smart economy while both sport and culture provide essential social and physical capital.”

The Minister said today’s supplementary budget for 2009 was the “most critical Budget in our economic history.”