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July 29, 2009

Forres takes to the streets

A local initiative aimed at building civic pride and improving the appearance of the town’s streets has been launched in Forres. Residents are being asked to adopt a street and keep them free of litter. So far almost half the streets in the town have joined the scheme

Residents in Forres are being urged to take part in the Adopt a Street initiative which is aimed at helping to keep Forres tidy

Volunteers are also being sought to take part in a community litter pick which is taking place this weekend.

The “Adopt a Street” Community Initiative which started in March as a way of supporting the Forres entry into the “Entente Florale” competition, by keeping the town spotless, has gone from strength to strength.

One of the organisers, the Forres community warden Margaret Cowie said what started as an initial small number of volunteers, has grown into quite a number, with about 55 people taking part in the project so far.

There is a mix of volunteers from individuals and families to school and community groups, who all have one thing in common: the desire to do something in their community and make Forres a better place to live.

Mrs Cowie said that out of 166 streets around the town, Forres volunteers have come forward to adopt a total of 72. She said that several residents in certain areas have also made positive comments about the difference the volunteers are making and she hoped that would have a knock-on effect encouraging other people to take part.

Funding for “Litter Picker” implements which are used to lift the trash off the streets, have come from the Community Initiatives Fund with funding given by Forres Mechanics, TESCO, Forres Community Council and two of their councillors, ATC and the Action Earth Fund.

Local youngsters Bethany MacKintosh and Scott Bain with their mums who are among the volunteers including local school children have been working hard to keep Forres tidy and are hoping for a good turnout to a litter pick taking place this weekend at Grant Park.

Schools including Andersons and Pilmuir Primary have also purchased some litter pickers so their pupils can get involved and learn about taking pride in their community.

Mrs Cowie said this was the case at the recent potting shed evening held during Forres Scottish Week, where members of the public came forward to show an interest in what has been going on.

Anyone who wants to take part in a litter pick or adopt a street can contact Margaret Cowie on 07800 670665 to receive their litter pickers and forms.

Mrs Cowie said it was down to the commitment and tireless work by the volunteers who had been helping to keep Forres tidy, that it was such a beautiful place to live and work in.

As a way of bringing everyone together and saying thank you there is to be a Community Litter Pick on Sunday, July 26, at Grant Park starting at 2pm to 4pm with refreshments and a certificate for all participants at the end.