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August 26, 2009

Community Development Jargon

The community development profession has been hijacked by academia and converses in a language which is unintelligible to ordinary people; the example given of this obscure jargon is from the blurb of an MSc course offered by the University of Glasgow. We need to ask why community development got lost – whether it’s recoverable – whether it matters

MSC in Community Development Jargon

Course content:

Community Development Praxis

This enables you to understand and critically examine a range of contested political ideas and theories and to explore the modernist, post-modernist and post-structuralist paradigms and relate them to contemporary community development practice.

Critical Issues in Community Development

This enables you to utilise Freirean theoretical tools to understand the issues of hegemony and counter hegemony inherent in contemporary community development practice.

Urban Social Theory

This explores the interaction of public and private space and the experience of urban life as the conflict between strategies of incorporation and domination and tactics for personal liberation. It will also look at the ideas of transgression in terms of geography and identity. Community Development Fieldwork

This enables you to understand the cultural, historical and hegemonic processes which operate within urban spaces and which shape and constrain people’s subjectivities and social interactions.