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September 23, 2009

Communities connected by a Bridge

A vast amount of activity goes on in communities throughout the country which is beneath the ‘radar’ of local and national government – informal, voluntary and vitally important.  Most of this work happens in complete isolation – disconnected from what else is happening.  A new venture launched recently in Glasgow is aiming to change all that 

The Bridge aims to get local groups networking – connecting up the issues, activities, and using the internet in a pro-active way. Through the use of blogs, creating groups, forums, links and doing workshops in using Information Technology.

What we are interested in are ideas for creating solidarity and expanding the movement for ground up social change – and sharing these ideas with as wide an audience as we can – particularly folk who find themselves at the sharp end of community issues or campaigns.

We will attempt to expand understanding using plain English (or Scots if you want) the things that are troubling our communities and ideas for creating solidarity and avoiding “reinventing the wheel” in our efforts. So we also need to know of others doing the same things, other networks, other possible interlinking ideas .

The Network is relatively new and we are keen to attract people and groups  who are new to campaigning, doing community activity, have things to say and need a sympathetic network to get them on their way. Workshops can be arranged for beginners and we hope to encourage volunteers in your town, city and countryside to create local workshops. There is a Bridge user guide including video demos for first time users

This network is run on Open-Source technology –  The site was built by a few folk at the Electron Club Glasgow and receives no funding. We also encourage folk to volunteer in the development of the site.

The main purpose of this initiative is to get people out and about in their community, not sitting at computers. The events diary is therefore an important asset. We will help to organise joint events, collaborations and community activities, using imagination, spontaneity, humour and any resources we can find.

That’s what we’re doing. Let’s hear what you’re up to.