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January 19, 2010

Make your vote count

In the last briefing, we reported on the Power2010 campaign and its plan to present five big ideas for the reform of politics to each candidate standing at the forthcoming general election. Voting has started and the list of ideas you can choose from includes giving voters the opportunity to register their discontent with a ‘none of the above’ voting option; scrapping ID cards; a fully elected second chamber and many more

What is POWER2010?

Our democracy is in crisis. MPs fiddle while the planet burns. Our rights and freedoms are under attack. Bankers blow billions and the taxpayer foots the bill. We can’t go on like this.

We need a healthy democracy that works for all of us and not just a powerful few. POWER2010 exists to help create it. It gives you the chance to have your say on how our democracy works so that together we can change it for the better.

Do you want cleaner funding? Fairer voting? More accountability? You decide. Tell us your ideas for changing the way we run our country. Those with most support will become the POWER2010 Pledge and the focus for our national campaign at the next election.

POWER2010 is a unique campaign to give everyone the chance to have a say in how our democracy works for us.

What is different about POWER2010 is that you’re in the driving seat. We’re not asking you to back our goals. We’re asking you to help create them.

At the next election we will work to ensure every candidate commits to the reforms you most want to see as part of a nation-wide campaign to reinvigorate our democracy from the bottom up.