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February 2, 2010

Nourishing times ahead

Last year we reported on Scotland’s first gathering in Dunbar of groups and individuals with a shared passion for local food – be that growing, selling or just plain eating it. Since then a small group have been working up proposals to launch a new national network which aims to build on all the enthusiasm from the first gathering.  NOURISH – Scotland’s sustainable food network is about to be launched


Calling all local food enthusiasts:   Nourish – Scotland’s sustainable food network 

Stirling on February 26th and 27th.

 Since the recent local food gathering at Dunbar in October 2009, a temporary steering group has been working to take forward the consensus that there should be a national network linking people and organisations with an interest in sustainable food.  The network is called:   Nourish  – Scotland’ sustainable food network. 

Nourish is open to all who are actively growing, selling and eating locally produced food in Scotland – be they farmers, gardeners, Transition food groups, local markets, chefs, artisan pie-makers or just keen eaters of good local food. 

The network will be a source of knowledge and encouragement for members but additionally will be able to consult and engage with its members to inform and contribute to food policy as this is being developed at local and national level in Scotland.   For  Nourish  to have a voice and be a force for change, we need you to come and join us. 

Our first public meeting will be in Stirling on February 26th and 27th.  

On Friday the 26th there will be an informal programme of visits and discussions in the afternoon, followed by a meal in the evening.   

On Saturday the 27th  we will be discussing both how to strengthen our local food culture in Scotland and how to organise the network effectively.   

Nourish  is interested in all aspects of sustainable food production, distribution and consumption in Scotland, and the workshop topics include:

Skills and jobs – who will grow, cook and sell our local food? 

Connecting consumers and producers   – sourcing, labelling, distribution, co-operation

Social justice – how does local food address inequality and food poverty

Modelling a low carbon resilient local food system 

The full programme for the event will be circulated shortly. We are very keen that this process should be truly collaborative and democratic, so please come along and share your views, energy and enthusiasm, to make sure that we collectively build a network that can help us share our good practice, speak on our behalf to government, and make real our vision of a robust, localised food infrastructure for Scotland. 

We hope you can come and join us and help make Nourish  work.   

If you would like to book a place at this event, please contact:

Lesley McLaren

Falkland Centre for Stewardship

The Stables



KY15 7AF

01337 858838 



Support for travel expenses and overnight accommodation is available from TSS, so please don’t let finances stop you from coming along.  

Please pass this email invite onto anyone you think should know about this new network. 

With best wishes,

The Nourish temporary steering group:

Alan Brown                 Linlithgow Climate Challenge

Eva Schonveld          Transition Scotland Support

Eleanor Logan           Soil Association Scotland

Jane Gray                  Lets Live Local, Moffat

Jim Mullen                  Larderbytes

Jo Hunt                      Highland Local Food Network

Mike Small                 Fife Diet

Pete Ritchie               One Planet Food

Ron Gilchrist               Greenway Consulting

Shelagh Young          Sustainable Development Commission