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February 17, 2010

Five days left to choose five key reforms

50,000 votes already registered and 5 days to go before voting closes. Power2010 is a grass roots response to the groundswell of public dissatisfaction and anger directed at our Westminster politicians. The public vote is to choose five key reforms that will change the way we do politics in this country.  Every candidate at the General Election will be challenged to pledge their support for these reforms

What is Power2010
POWER2010 is a unique campaign to give everyone the chance to have a say in how our democracy works for us.

What is different about POWER2010 is that you’re in the driving seat. We’re not asking you to back our goals. We’re asking you to help create them.  

At the next election we will work to ensure every candidate commits to the reforms you most want to see as part of a nation-wide campaign to reinvigorate our democracy from the bottom up.

Our plan is simple. We want to identify the five key reforms that will change the way we do politics in this country – and we want you to tell us what these should be. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Together we will ensure every candidate standing for election backs these reforms so that the next Parliament delivers the change we need.

A short history of Power2010

Phase 1 – Tell us your ideas

This phase of the campaign (which ran from September 15th to November 30th 2009) was all about you telling us your ideas – the democratic and political reforms you most want from the next Parliament.

In just a short space of time it generated a fantastic response with over 4,000 ideas submitted by people of all political persuasions from across the UK- you can take a look and comment on some of the best of them here.

These ideas have been organised by academics from Southampton University and will be now be fed into a Deliberative Poll to draw up a shortlist which will be put to the public vote.

Phase 2 – Deliberative Poll

On the weekend of 9 –10th January 2010, a scientific sample of 130 citizens, representative of the population as a whole, gathered in London for a two-day deliberative event. These 130 citizens distilled the many ideas we received into a manageable shortlist of proposals which have now been put to the public vote.

Phase 3 – The public vote

The public vote began January 18th and lasts five weeks until 22nd February. During this time are working with individuals and organisations across the country to meet up, discuss, and vote, ensuring as many people as possible participate and tell us the reforms they most want to see.

The five most popular ideas following the vote will become the POWER2010 Pledge and the focus for our nation-wide campaign at the next election. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Phase 4 – Election campaign

The aim is for as many people as possible to sign the Pledge and then take it to the candidates in their constituency, by writing to them, calling them, and attending local hustings, public meetings and MPs’ surgeries.

Together we will ask every candidate standing at the next election to make a public commitment – a pledge – to clean up and reform our politics.

In this way we will ensure that the next Parliament is a reforming one and delivers the changes our broken democracy so desperately needs.