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March 31, 2010

Community Learning and Development ?

Community work has evolved in recent years into something which is called Community Learning and Development – a combination of adult basic education, youth work and community capacity building. All CLD staff are employed by local authorities.  Some hold the view that this is a contradiction in terms.   One organisation that would definitely take this view is the hugely impressive London Citizens. LPL is arranging to meet them

Community Learning and Development ?
London CITIZENS is a powerful grassroots charity working with local people for local people. Our goal is social, economic and environmental justice. We meet that goal by training people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to take action together for change. Our dynamic campaigns have secured many victories for the people of London. Beginning our journey twelve years ago as TELCO, our membership today includes over one hundred civil society organisations across the city.
What London CITIZENS do
London Citizens develops skills and leadership capacity in the neighbourhoods where we work through hands-on experience of taking action for change, through formal training and with the support of professional organisers. When members identify an issue requiring change, we look together at who can make it happen, and how we can enter into a constructive relationship with them.We know that real change mostly happens after a struggle which involves holding ourselves and the powerful to account. This takes courage, and isn’t always welcome. But again and again we find that after the initial tension, London Citizens members win real respect and succeed in bringing about much needed change.Our members make decisions together democratically on a regular basis. In bringing together different interest groups into a trusted forum to listen to each other and to take action together, we play an active role in breaking down mistrust and suspicion across diverse communities.
London CITIZENS campaigns
London CITIZENS campaigns on issues that matter to people in their communities. Local people decide what they want to change, and together with London CITIZENS we make it happen. Below are some of our current campaigns. 
London CITIZENS CitySafe Campaign  builds the power of local communities to tackle crime and the fear of crime.
Where it comes fromCitySafe is now top of the London CITIZENS agenda. Over the last 18 months, 10 young people from London CITIZENS member groups have been murdered on the streets of the capital. After 6 months of Mayoral Election 2008 Listening Campaign, London CITIZENS voted CitySafe number one priority in March 2008 at the Delegates Assembly. The CitySafe approach has been developed through conversation and research involving hundreds of young people, youth workers, teachers and community leaders. At the heart of this process has been the voice of young people saying we are not the problem, we are the solution.
The Living Wage Campaign
What is the London living wage
The London Living Wage (LLW) is a London weighted minimum wage, which takes into account the higher living costs of London. The figure currently stands at £7.60 per hour; £1.87 above the National Minimum Wage
Who works out the LLW?
The London Living Wage is worked out by the Greater London Authority (GLA) London Living wage Unit.
What is the campaign calling for?
That all employers become Living Wage Employers. For a list of what this includes Living Wage Employers
Since its launch back in 2001, the campaign has put an estimated £24 million back in the pockets of low-waged workers.