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June 23, 2010

Start up cash help

Very often the first steps towards building community resilience start with a few individuals who are prepared to ‘have a dash. ’ They might have an idea which they think could make a difference – perhaps it could grow into a successful community business- and they just need an injection of cash to get the ball rolling.  There’s a pot of cash that was set up almost ten years ago to meet this kind of need. Up to £5000 available for those who want to ‘have a dash’

 A complete package of support
UnLtd’s Millennium Awards provide practical and financial support to social entrepreneurs in the UK; people with vision, passion, drive and commitment, who want to change the world for the better.

We know that there are thousands of people who have the ideas and the vision to make a real difference. We also know that many of them need encouragement and support, contact with others just like them, and access to training to help them grow and give their projects the best chance of success.

That’s why you don’t just get money from UnLtd. If you win an award you will get a complete package of support designed just for you, in addition to the financial support.
It is people who are important to UnLtd; which is why we only offer support to individuals. We do not support organisations.
Where the money comes from
UnLtd Millennium Awards are funded by the income from a legacy of £100 million granted by the Millennium Commission. This legacy is carefully invested so that the income can be obtained for awards for the future – this is what is called a permanent endowment.

The Millennium Commission is the only distributor of lottery funds to good causes who some time ago decided to provide awards to individuals. Around 25,000 of these have been made so far and they have been so successful that they decided to provide the legacy to UnLtd to carry on this work for the future.

Level 1 Awards are aimed at individuals or informal groups of people who have an idea which will change society for the better, and want help getting it off the ground. The money is to help with the running costs of the project. At Level 1 you can apply for an award of between £500 and £5,000, (with an average award size of £2,000). These awards are for people who:
• Have an idea which will benefit their community
• Have thought about how they will run their project
• Have some evidence that there is a need for their project
• Will learn a new skill from carrying out their project

Above all, UnLtd wants to support people who have the vision, drive, passion and commitment to develop their project and whilst doing it, will have the opportunity to increase their skills and vision.
The award can be used for the things you need to start or develop your project: materials, equipment, renting rooms for meetings and so on.

How Can I Apply for a Level 1 Award?
To apply for a Level 1 Award, please complete our Level 1 Eligibility Questionnaire. Or contact – your nearest UnLtd office to discuss your ideas.