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August 31, 2010

Communities reclaim unused land

The two year campaign to preserve North Kelvin Meadow as a community green space has attracted a lot of press attention and is about to enter a crucial phase as developers press ahead with planning permission.  The community are determined to redouble their efforts to hold onto the meadow and are calling for volunteers to help.  Seems that the idea of communities laying claim to derelict land is catching on elsewhere

The Woodside area of Glasgow is witnessing community land reclamation. A local group of activists have taken over a piece of derelict ground on the site of a collapsed tenement and set about transforming it into a community garden.

The plot of land on West Princes Street is set to become a focal point for the local community. Plans for the land are already taking shape and the area has seen huge progress in the short time since work began.

The transformation has not happened by itself however as many people from the surrounding area have participated in the cutting down of bushes, digging up of trees and removal of rubble. The garden has seen contributions from old and young, people with expertise and people with none. Local students, workers, pensioners and unemployed have all volunteered their time to the project.

The work has been taking place on a Saturday from about eleven until four including a lunch-break. The break usually consists of a sit down in the garden to share some food. This is when a lot of the chit-chat takes place, which is a perfect way of getting to meet new folk in the community.

There have been meetings in the local area to discuss plans for the future development of the garden and how to maximise participation from the community. Plans for the garden include the building of a children’s area, the growing of food such as radishes as well as continuing to involve the local community in the developing of the plot.

So if you want to get involved meet new people and learn new skills as well as contribute to the improvement of the local environment then you can e-mail to contact the organisers.