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November 10, 2010

Coalition wish list

Ten years ago, a few key individuals started to promote a new idea called social enterprise.  Senscot was at the vanguard of this movement and it is fair to say that it met with strong opposition both from within the wider voluntary sector and from civil servants.  Over time the supporters of social enterprise formed their own representative body – Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition. They’ve just published their own wish list for the next Scottish Government.  LPL would agree with much of what they ask for

Extract from SSEC Manifesto.
To view entire document click here  In Business to Change Lives

Communities through Social Enterprise
Social enterprises in Scotland already play a defining role in developing sustainable cohesive communities. However at a time of constrained public spending and with our communities facing so many challenges, we believe the proactive transfer of public assets to community ownership can underpin social enterprise delivery of local skills, local jobs and amenities.

Recognise the Role of Social Enterprise in Urban Regeneration
Large scale urban developments can offer significant opportunities to empower local communities and create local jobs through community ownership of assets.
 We call on the future Scottish Government to ensure all new developments include asset transfer provisions to an independent community trust.

Tackle Public Asset Transfer Delays
Community management and ownership of public assets can support the wider public
interest and create community owned social enterprises working for the community good, without incurring unmanageable risk and opportunity costs.
We call on the future Scottish Government to work with all public bodies to tackle asset transfer delays, in particular to introduce a legislative change to permit the transfer of underused assets below market value to local people.

Restore Momentum in the Land Reform Agenda
Land ownership is the catalyst for delivering community-led regeneration and growing community confidence and self reliance. We call on the future Scottish Government to review and extend community right-to-buy legislation with a re-established Scottish land fund to assist community land acquisition.