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November 24, 2010

How we use land in the future

One of the most remarkable things about the Scottish Government’s current consultation on a Land Use Strategy is that this will be the first time we’ve ever had one.  Given that land and the way we use it, more or less determines the country we live in, it seems such an obvious and important thing to do.  And if you want to have a say there isn’t much time. Less than a month

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Consultation on the Scottish Government’s Draft Land Use Strategy

The land and how we use it literally shapes our country. It has seen communities grow and prosper, and provided food, water, energy and spectacular natural landscapes over the centuries. In short, it helps make Scotland unique. This is why it is so important that we plan ahead to make best use of it in the future.

This will be Scotland’s first national strategy for land use – so it’s vital that we get it right. We want to hear the views of everyone across the country, because everyone has an interest in the land.

Sharing knowledge and working together is key. History also offers lessons of where things can go wrong – from Highland peat damage to the Lowland legacy of industrial dereliction. Now we face new challenges from climate change and other modern-day pressures. In response, we need to harness the land’s potential fully, to create a prosperous and sustainable low-carbon economy, and at the same time improve our environment, our biodiversity and our wellbeing.

There are roles for Government, other bodies and the people of Scotland. Together we will develop a national framework of key principles to inform decisions taken locally about the land.

We can all help to shape our land for the generations to come.
Consultation on the Draft Land Use Strategy is Now Open

Be part of the discussion: email or post your submission via the contact details on the left, or phone us if you require further information.

We would appreciate early responses by end of November 2010. Responses will be accepted up until 17 December 2010, when the consultation closes. We regret that responses received after that date cannot be considered.

Please could you return the Respondent Information Form with your comments to allow your response to be handled in the appropriate way.

Hard copies of all documents may also be obtained via the contact details on the left.

What Else is Happening During the Consultation

Scottish Ministers and officials are attending and supporting a number of stakeholder events, including those listed on the left. If you would like a member of the Land Use Strategy team to speak at an event during the consultation, please get in touch with us.

The Scottish Government has just completed a consultation on Speak Up for Rural Scotland – how to maximise rural Scotland’s contribution to sustainable economic growth. We will consider responses to both consultations to offer a consistent approach to shaping the future of land use and of rural Scotland.