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February 23, 2011

Bandstand revival

Bandstands were a common feature of public parks in the Victorian era, providing open air venues for the masses to enjoy live music. Over the years most have fallen into disrepair and many have been removed completely.  But the growth of community arts festivals coupled with an enduring affection for public parks, has sparked a revival. Four community councils in Glasgow’s Southside have big plans

The Queen’s Park Performance Project is a collaboration of four community councils which border Queen’s Park in Glasgow, from the Langside, Battlefield and Camphill areas. In partnership with neighbouring community councils and Glasgow City Council they are carrying out renovation work on an old open air theatre in Queen’s Park. A small steering group representing the four community councils is leading the development stage of the project, which has secured £15k preliminary pump-priming funding from the Scottish Government. The project will provide opportunities to perform, entertain, and enhance the Park. Visit the project website