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February 23, 2011

Fergie shines the light

Wherever Alex Ferguson goes, the cameras tend to follow.  Sometimes he turns this to good effect by bringing the spotlight of publicity onto the work of small projects that he’s familiar with in his home patch of Govan.  Projects like the Preshal Trust, providing services that literally save lives, but that are also among the most vulnerable as the small grants they depend on dry up

Preshal – the Gaelic for “precious” – and that is how we feel about everyone who comes through our doors – is a recognised Christian charity. In a friendly, caring, loving and supportive way Preshal seeks to tackle, head-on, the problem of social exclusion in the Linthouse area of Glasgow. This problem is manifested in poverty, alcohol and drug addiction, low literacy and numeracy levels, depression and low self-esteem. The Trust, working with other agencies, provides a wide range of social, recreational and educational activities which enable these issues to be dealt with effectively. We adopt an holistic approach whereby we seek to cater for the whole person, including meeting individual physical, mental and – as a Christian rooted organisation – spiritual needs.

Click here for video clip of Alex Ferguson’s visit