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March 9, 2011

‘Flashmob’ to light up Old Town

For many of us, the more familiar we become with our surroundings, the less we take notice of them.  Sometimes it helps to see the place we live through the eyes of a visitor or from some new perspective in order to appreciate some of its finer qualities.  A development trust in the south side of Edinburgh’s historic old town has recruited fifty ‘guerilla’ torchbearers to create a one-off ‘flashmob’ and tonight some of its finest buildings will be seen in a new light

The Causey Development Trust

PopUP Lighting at The Causey – Wed 9 March 2011

In a flash, or flashmob, 50 torchbearers will be spectacularly lighting up part of Edinburgh’s South Side, banishing the gloom of winter and showing some of our great buildings in a new light.

The Causey Development Trust, in collaboration with professional lighting designers, has created this event to highlight the historic significance of these buildings and the potential of The Causey as a place for people where community events happen. The event also draws attention to the history and cultural significance of this part of the South Side of Edinburgh on the edge of the World Heritage site. 

Torchbearers are local people, residents and members of local community groups, Causey supporters, and students, mainly from Edinburgh and Napier University.

The event begins with advice to “guerrilla” torchbearers at the South Side Community Centre then moves to the site for the lighting up. 

But which buildings will receive the “treatment”  ?

If you are in Buccleuch Street at the junction with West Crosscauseway between 7.45pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday 9 March you will see the spectacular result!