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May 18, 2011

How to harness the power of tweets

Social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are thought to be playing a crucial part in the popular uprisings taking place across North Africa –enabling protesters to organise and focus their efforts.  In this country UK Uncut is a powerful example of how the individual citizen can harness this technology to great effect.  Our sector really needs to get up to speed on all this. Next month a social media convention for the Third Sector is being held in London. Cheap tickets available to Alliance supporters

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The world of communication is changing. This is the digital age. It has still only just begun. People are spreading the messages they feel passionate about through social media and supporting causes through online giving, volunteering and social activism. More employees are using digital and social media to get their knowledge from news, YouTube channels and podcasts. Online blogs, networking sites and forums have given a powerful megaphone for anybody with an opinion. Celebrities are using twitter to support
campaigns and journalists use online content to inform their news content.

Third sector organisations have come to embrace digital communications and social media as an integral part of their marketing and fundraising strategies. With the rapid pace of innovation in technology, in online user behaviours and trends, this convention will keep you informed and your organisation forward thinking; give you the knowledge to transform your outlook and approach in utilising digital media; and help you inspire innovations and strategies.

I am proud to present to you over fifty of the best speakers and a coalition of excellent partners sharing our vision for this event and working with us to achieve it. That vision is simple: to give you the best and very latest knowledge to realise the massive potential of digital comms and social media. It is a subject better understood by marketers and fundraisers, although this convention will refresh and enhance that knowledge. But it is also a subject that needs to be well understood and embraced by all professionals, whether CEOs and Trustees or front line workers. We are now living and working in a digital age with a digital generation. This presents both enormous challenges for the sector but even more opportunities. As more ideas come forward each day we are adding to the choice of presentations and workshops in the programme, so please do check back on the website or follow us on twitter – share with us your ideas.

See you in June.

Shirley Ayres

Convention Director THIRD SECTOR 2011 Digital Communication & Social Media Convention

To see the whole programme click here.
To receive discounted price for Scottish Community Alliance supporters quote discount code : SCA