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June 15, 2011

People vs Pounds

Money speaks louder than words.  Or so it seems. Asked by the Council whether they support plans to create a new ‘civic square’ in the city by ripping up the famous Union Terrace Gardens, the overwhelming majority of Aberdonians said no.  But Aberdeen based oil tycoon, Ian Wood has waved a cheque for £50million towards the £140m cost of the project and the Council seem unwilling to refuse.  Despite appalling weather last weekend, the objectors turned out in droves to prove their poin

Blog from a resident who turned up at the protest picnic last saturday

I used to say that if anyone suggested Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens needed concreted over to bring them up to street level that the world would go crazy at the suggestion.

Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens are very similar in design (but i think even better) but because we’re not the capital city and heaps of Japanese, Italian and American tourists don’t come to see our castle every year, our council have decided that concreting over the gardens and filing them in to make a more so-called user friendly “City Square” is a great idea.

A big old oil tycoon called Sir Ian Wood persuaded them that this was a good idea by waving £50million at them. Never mind, their plans will cost over £140milion and that most people asked in a survey said they didn’t want the gardens filled in.

Nearly two years we’ve been campaigning to get this stopped and the council carry on regardless.

Over 1000 people turned up to day to protest in our second annual I Love UTG Big Picnic. And it was lashing with rain. How many more would have turned up if it had been sunny?

I love Aberdeen. I love Union Terrace gardens but most of all I love it that so many people care to keep the campaign going year after year.

We’re going to save those gardens.