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August 10, 2011

Why own a car?

Our attitude towards cars and car ownership in particular, is a strange one. Notwithstanding the ‘fast and flashy’ world of Top Gear, the fact that that we feel the need to own a car at all merits further examination. For much of the time, these highly expensive, ever depreciating assets sit outside our homes doing nothing. Fintry Development Trust want to change the way cars are viewed and used by their community and have come up with a cunning plan

Kaiya Marjoribanks, Stirling Observer Friday

FINTRY Development Trust is to give three hours of free community car use to every household in the village. The car club Fintry Energy Efficient Transport (FEET) was launched by Stirling MSP and Scottish Government minister Bruce Crawford in June.

A grant from Transport Scotland gave it two cars: a five-seater and seven-seater. The trust says FEET promotes pollution reduction, reduces the village’s carbon footprint and will reduce traffic congestion. And to encourage the whole community to take advantage of the scheme it is posting each Fintry household three vouchers, each worth an hour of free car use.

A spokesperson said: “Every household in Fintry stands to benefit, whether drivers or not, as the vouchers are transferable and can be exchanged within the Fintry Community. FDT believes this voucher programme will incentivise lift-sharing, community-based shopping agreements, etc.”

“Whilst every household will receive the vouchers, they can only be redeemed by a driver and member of FEET. Vouchers expire on February 1, 2012. Membership of a car club offers a wealth of benefits as well as helping the environment. Whether considering getting rid of that second car or downsizing your living costs, now is the perfect time.” 

“As a FEET member you no longer have to worry about expensive car maintenance, tax, roadside assistance and insurance. To see if joining the car club can save you money, check out the handy calculator at”

“Joining is so easy. Just go to and sign up as a Fintry member. Membership only costs £60 per year (a £100 pound deposit is returned upon termination of membership) and only £30 per additional household member. For this small fee you have access to book either the five or seven-seater FEET vehicles, as and when you like. You will also have car club insurance, 24-hour road side assistance, support and access to a quick and easy online booking system. You can book weeks in advance, or, just a few minutes’ notice is all that is necessary (depending on availability).”

“There is a FDT community computer available in the bowling hall of the sports centre if you do not have the internet at home. You can hire by the hour or day. The starting hourly rate is £2.50 per hour. A maximum of £21.60 is charged for a 24-hour booking. As an additional benefit, Fintry-based FEET members have reciprocal agreement access to all the vehicles in the various Moorcar Car Club Cooperative and Citycar fleets. That means you can utilise your membership to access vehicles in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, etc – the list goes on.”

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