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November 16, 2011

Parks renaissance

At the turn of the last century, public parks were in their heyday.  Beautifully laid out, with bandstands and boating ponds, these Victorian parks made a vital contribution to the health and welfare of the population – particularly in the urban areas.  Since then many have fallen into decline. Poorly maintained and lacking investment, parks have become less and less attractive as places of recreation for local people. Unless of course, local people take it upon themselves

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Cambuslang Park spans 27 acres encompassing the contrast of open park land and the Borgie Glen, which is a steep tree lined ravine, containing a complex network of pathways. Not to mention a pond, sport pitches, woodland areas and the Bandstand, which is a natural amphitheatre.

The Park is truly unique and the Friends of Cambuslang Park actively encourage one and all to make the most of it.

Friends of Cambuslang Park Group have been running since March 2007 and currently have around two hundred members which we are keen to expand on. The Friends of group have a genuine interest in restoring the park back to its natural beauty so that the community as a whole can access and enjoy the park.

Friends of Cambuslang Park work closely with Land Services and Greenspace Scotland and the group would like to thank them for their continued help and support.

Since the first meeting we have held a variety of events from guided walks to Fun Days to a Halloween event and we intend to increase events as time goes on. We now have schools come along for Scavenger Hunts, Beastie Hunts and clean ups. To encourage youth activities in the park we had a Loud & Live event where local youth bands, some for the first time, had a spot on stage. This was co-ordinated by the local youth organisations with the support of the ‘Friends’. A Teddy Bear Picnic was held for Love Your Parks week, this was organised in conjunction with the Cambuslang Park Strollers. In spring and Autumn we have a Clean Up & Planting day where we lift litter for an hour and then plant some bulbs. CHI (Community Health Initiative) have themed walks for children on a Sunday morning 11am. Find our next event on the news page.

We actively encourage anyone interested in becoming a Friend or anyone who has any facts, knowledge or ideas for the park to fill in our comments page and send this off to us. If you have been to any of our events we would also welcome feedback. comments page

We are always looking for volunteers to help at any of the events we hold for light and heavier tasks that need doing. If you could give some time please contact us at