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March 7, 2012

Switch onto community TV

The digital age has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to communications.  Community newspapers can be produced at a fraction of previous costs and internet based local radio stations are starting to proliferate.  For some reason community TV has lagged behind. Not for much longer though – 30 new community TV news channels are about to launch this year with Ayrshire, Helensburgh and Perth already broadcasting.




The Institute of Local Television  

This comes at an exciting time for local TV, as 30 community TV news channels are set to follow the likes of and and launch this year. Social enterprises are being encouraged to become further involved in the movement and can register their interest by contacting the Institute, here

URTV is a network of hyper-local news channels providing a mix of informative and entertaining content to, and about, communities throughout the west coast of Scotland. 

Led by experienced reporters, broadcasters and technicians our team uses the latest social networking, broadband and mobile technologies to help promote the places, events and culture important to local people. 

Every town or village has storytellers, champions, bloggers, leaders and heroes. Our aim is to offer an informative and entertaining professional platform for them to develop the oldest social network there is – a sense of community. 

URTV Helensburgh, as befitting the birthplace of television pioneer John Logie Baird, is the first of a number of online channels providing communities with an interactive opportunity to celebrate their similarities, debate their differences and showcase their achievements and surroundings to the world. 

We operate channels in the West of Scotland near our HQ, but are licensing partners interested in operating their own channels across the UK. 

We currently have two partnering programmes one for business partners and another for social enterprises. Both have a zero startup cost, and will save you months and alot of money. 

If you think your town or area should have local TV and like what you see on URTV, then contact us with your details to have a chat about how we could work together. 

Email or call 0800 098 8194.