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April 4, 2012

The inconsistencies of funding

How familiar does this sound? An area of extreme social disadvantage manages to attract substantial Government funding for a much needed community project.  Local needs are met, the right boxes are ticked, but then the funding gets pulled. Local people are outraged, politicians pledge support but the future remains uncertain.  Not all projects can be supported but funders need to work out which ones should be and then stick with them until they are established. Perhaps projects like this one.


Lambhill Stables have endured arson attacks, vandalism and funding crises, but the staff and volunteers of the north Glasgow community hub refuse to be beaten. They have transformed a derelict building into a thriving centre and have become the latest nominees for the Evening Times Glasgow Community Champion Awards.

The 156-year-old stables were derelict for 40 years, yet the site is now a symbol of a motivated community in action. The team responsible for this £1.5million renovation recently hosted an ‘SOS’ family open day to raise awareness of their financial plight.

After two recent arson attacks, which wrecked a building, a workshop and tool shed, they lost Climate Challenge funding, which paid for some staff and sessional workers. The stables opened last June to involve local people in recreational activities such as fitness walks, heritage trails, art classes and a bike club.

It also works with offenders to help them learn skills, including gardening and joinery. Mary Millson, who nominated the team, said: “Without this community hub, Lambhill would have few recreational facilities.

“It gives the community something to feel proud of. To see their hard work hampered by vandals on many occasions must be so disheartening, but I am so pleased they did not give up. Now we need funding to back them up”

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