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May 2, 2012

Active citizen goes global

The turnout in tomorrow’s local elections is predicted to be around 30%.  While our representative democracy may be on a life support system, there is of course another, complimentary form of democracy which is in much better shape – participatory democracy.  This is when citizens become actively involved in shaping the society they live in. A brilliant new website is gathering the best examples of citizen participation from around the world – Participedia.


Participedia makes it easy for you to contribute research, and easy for you to search its extensive knowledge base. For instance, you will find articles on the British Columbia Citizens Assembly of 2004, participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre and other cities, local school council governance in Chicago, municipal evaluation meetings in China, and the People’s Campaign for Democratic Decentralization in Kerala, India. You will also find articles on participatory methods such as deliberative polling, citizens’ assemblies, and participatory budgeting, as well as articles about the organizations that sponsor, implement, and study participatory governance.
To visit Participedia website click here.