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May 16, 2012

Need a venue?

There can’t be a community building in the land that’s fully booked 24/7. Likewise there can’t be a community group with responsibility for managing a community venue that isn’t constantly on the look-out for new ways to generate income.  Given that there’s always a demand for good quality, reasonably priced venues, the trick has always been to find a way to match demand for venues with the available supply. Problem solved.


Community Enterprise

We’re on the hunt for communities that are running their own venues and want more business. Are you a manager of an enterprise who has an underused facility that you want to promote more? Scotland’s only website dedicated to listing charitable and community venues has been launched. The website aims to facilitate a rise in those who book space with social enterprises. Online marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to promote services and SE-Venues is here to help you out. 

This website has been initiated by the sector itself to showcase the wide-ranging and high quality facilities that communities can offer. It is also a great way of ensuring that business is generated between communities run  social enterprises in Scotland. The website provides a user-friendly search feature for people who are interested in hiring venues but would prefer to do it ethically so that surpluses are re-invested back into the community. The site is managed by Community Enterprise and in the future, we intend to list UK-wide community run venues too. 

SE-Venues hopes to raise profile amongst local communities to make better use of existing infrastructure – particularly buildings that are underused or facing difficulties. The collection of all of Scotland’s best community run venues, held in one place, will provide a simple and straightforward way for companies or individuals to find a place which best meets their needs. 

Find out more at SE-Venues or contact