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May 30, 2012

Cast yourself in the people’s film

The Alliance is by no means alone in its ambition to ensure the debate on independence does not remain the sole preserve of politicians.   The big pillars of Scotland’s civil society came together some months ago to launch their own ‘platform’ for the independence debate- The Future of Scotland.  Other initiatives – of a more creative variety  - are also taking shape, designed to draw out our thoughts and feelings on Scotland’s future.  What about a film of the people, by the people?


Northern Lights is a film about Scotland made by you.

As part of the Year Of Creative Scotland 2012 we are asking members of the public to collaborate with us in the creation of a unique feature-length documentary film. We want you to take out your cameras and record your own personal videos about Scotland’s past, present and future.

Project submissions are open from 20 March to 21 June 2012 and you can submit as many video contributions as you like. We will then gather together all this footage and edit it into a unique, first in a lifetime, vision of Scotland in the Year 2012.

We are not sure what you will share with us, but to help get you started we would like you to think about three questions:

What Can You See?

What Do You Wish You Had Seen?

What Would You Like To See?

Anyone can take part in the project and we are particularly interested in submissions from first-time video makers. It’s all about having your say and sharing your Scotland with us. If you are a first-timer you might want to check out our videos on Preparing, Shooting and Submitting your video or videos.

If you are looking for additional group support, there are Workshops taking place all over Scotland throughout the 3 month period. Or perhaps you’d like to Host Your Own workshop?

Northern Lights also has a £10,000 award fund available to UK residents who contribute to the project within the 3 month submission period. Visit the Awards page for details.

You can watch all submissions here and vote for your favourite videos using the ‘Vote Now’ button which appears under the player. The video with the most votes will receive the People’s Choice Award following the deadline on 21 June. If you have already submitted your video, start sharing the link and ask your friends to vote.

To keep up to date with all the news on awards, submissions and workshops or to ask us questions about the project follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter here.

For more information please see our FAQs and read our Terms & Conditions.

So what will you say about Scotland? Get involved.